Capsule SF 2008, Hayes Valley

CAPSULE is a twice a year design festival that creates a market for original, and inspired creations. Drawing 800 festival-goers, CAPSULE has since grown into the largest marketer of independent designers in San Francisco, creating a force that is starting to pull independent designers from the Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle regions. This year’s CAPSULE shows will be hosting 160 designers in Hayes Valley, in May and October, drawing an expected 6,000 shoppers per show.

San Francisco is at the center of a consumer movement to support original independent design. CAPSULE’s design festival is at the center of the San Francisco independent design community, providing Bay Area designers with a rare opportunity to come together for Northern California’s largest festival for independent design.

Designer registration (click here to register)
To participate in CAPSULE you must be approved as a designer. Click on the link above to go to the registration page.

Guest Registration
Go here to sign up on our email list. This gives you the profound joy of receiving a half dozen emails a year reminding you of CAPSULE events, so you don’t miss them.

Booth Registration
If you are a registered CAPSULE designer, click on one of the upcoming events and reserve your booth space by clicking on the word “AVAILABLE” in any of the booth slots listed to the right.

And lastly, check out the past shows below to get an idea of the kinds of designers who participate.

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