modAgency … your LAUNCHPAD to Fashion, Creative Arts & Commerce !!!

modAgency, MODA Management is a west coast public relations and consulting agency, a launchpad of emerging & indie talents.

modAgency, MODA Management represents a diverse group emerging indie talents in the realms of art, music, fashion and commerce. modAgency, MODA Management offers guidance to the creative talent and helps to build their body of work. Our innovative programs offer support of our talents’ portfolio, exhibition, publication, fashion shows, and special projects to develop their planned career endeavors.

The agency support stylists, fashion designers, photographers, djs, visual artists, models, hair and make-up artists. Work ranges from editorial, advertising, print, entertainment, runways, special events, media assignments, and independent projects in the arts and fashion industry.

In addition to our committed focus on the full expression of the talents that we represent, ModAgency, MODA Management is spearheading the creation of San Francisco Fashion & Commerce Alliance, a nonprofit organization that increases business relationships between retailers and artist merchants.

Mission Statement:

To create a new paradigm of public relations for the local art, fashion and gallery scene. We empower our artists by providing them substantial industry tools in marketing their skills.

We also strive in gathering the most relevant information for them to become successful in their fields.

By envisioning the mixture of art and entertainment, we create an experiential setting in which the clients can experience our talents’ creativity.

What is mod?

The mod (originally modernist) subculture originated in London in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s.[1][2][3][4][5] The mod lifestyle is sometimes referred to as modism, a term which may have been coined by Pete Meaden when he was famously quoted as saying “Modism, mod living, is an aphorism for clean living under difficult circumstances”. Elements of the mod lifestyle include music, clothes (often tailor-made), dancing and motorscooters. From the mid to late 1960s onwards, the mainstream media often used the term mod in a wider sense to describe anything that was (or was believed to be) popular, fashionable or modern.

The term mod derives from modernist, which was a term used in the 1950s to describe modern jazz fans as well as the musicians themselves. This usage contrasted with the term trad, which described traditional jazz and its players and fans. The 1959 novel Absolute Beginners by Colin MacInnes describes as a modernist a young modern jazz fan who dresses in sharp modern Italian clothes. Absolute Beginners may be one of the earliest written examples of the term modernist being used to describe young British style-conscious modern jazz fans. The word modernist in this sense is believed to refer specifically to modern jazz and should not be confused with the wider use of the term modernism in the context of literature, art, design and architecture.


The ART Scene is VISION + VISUALS’ social community.

About The Art Scene:

Originated from San Francisco Bay Area. A devoted love for the art and dedication to the industry itself, The Art Scene was created as an antidote to the increasingly need of public relations for the emerging artists and the art community.

We have the ability to focus on the emerging artist’ talent, manage his/her creative endeavor to the fullest extent. The Art Scene was founded with the vision that art brings people together harmoniously as an educational or a healing tool that raises social awareness. Art is meant to be enjoyed, savored, treasured by every human being.

As an independent boutique art agency, The Art Scene is built on the principle of providing truly personal management and sensible service, we are a molding factory of innovative creative resources.

We encourage our talented artists to express their passion in art to pursue success by means of sharing their wonderful works to inspire the public both locally and globally.

“Make Art Not War!”
= For Artists:


Submit your work to:
The ART Scene
c/o Owen Geronimo
537 Jones Street PMB 3151
San Francisco, CA 94102



Contact Us:

Owen Geronimo, Creative Director


Phone (415)508-6712

modAgency, MODA Management, LLC

Attn: Owen Geronimo, 537 Jones Street PMB 3151, San Francisco, CA 94102

Owen Geronimo’s BIO:

Owen Geronimo serves as an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Adviser, Social Media Expert, SEO Marketing Consultant, Sourcing Agent, Online Activist at RGG Global Business Networks and is located in San Francisco, CA. Owen founded RGG Global Business Networks in 2007. Additionally, Owen serves as Real Estate Adviser, VP Sales and Marketing at RGG Global Estates (Current) and Real Estate Sales at Brittany Corporation (Current) and Distributor: Health and Wellness Products and Import/Export at RGG Global Enterprises (Current).

He serves on the boards of San Francisco Bay Area Mingle Society, The Tree Light Foundation and a moderator of SF Professional Men’s Group.

Owen attended San Francisco State University where he studied Marketing. He also attended SBDC Wharton and Trump University where he studied business.

Owen’s core expertise includes 1) Real Estate and Mortgage, Residential, Commercial, Tenants In Common. A&B Paper, Sub Prime, Hard Money Lending. 2) Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networks, Link Branding, Blogging Solutions and Customer Relations Management.

In his personal time, Owen enjoys Tennis, Arts, Music, Comic Books, Cooking, Travel, Real Estate, Global Economy and Philanthropy. He’s also an active online activist and a blogger.


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