Heroes and Villains @ White Walls, July 12th, San Francisco

Werkstatte: Call for Artists

Art by: Joshua Hagler

Werkstatte (formerly known as Redtorpedo Media & Promotions and Vision+Visuals) is now the art department of modAgency.

We are looking for visual artists in the following categories: Abstract, Pop Art and Graffiti – to show at a prime Union Square location in San Francisco. Artwork(s) must be in canvas, 10 or more inventory, preferably larger sizes.

The reception will co-inside with First (Art) Thursdays in downtown San Francisco. Gallery run will be 30-60 days. Representation and promotional fees will be applied.

Please visit V+V Blog to view our blog. For details, please email us @ modagency@inbox.com or call Owen @ 415.508.6712