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Click Your Shirt

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Sweet! Clothing Swap 2008!

What: Sweet! The first clothing swap of 2008!
Where: CELLspace (2050 Bryant St. between 18th & 19th) map
When: Saturday, January 19th, 12-3pm
How much: $5 ($10 without clothes)

  • 10,000 square feet of free clothes shopping at SF’s only temporary autonomous clothing store!
  • Delectable beats by the oh-so-handsome Poolboy(4handed)!
  • On-site screenprinting & tailoring to make your so-so finds a slice of indiewear bliss!
  • $2 Trumer Pils & wine
  • Free Meth Coffee (but BYOC, or $2)!
  • Absinthe lollipops by Lit Lollipops!

…but you already knew all that. What you didn’t know:

  • SwapSF was on the teevee! We were interviewed last Wednesday for Bay Area People on KTVU. You didn’t see it ’cause it was on at 6:30 Saturday morning, but now, using the amazing magics of the youtubes, you can! Thanks to Erik for tivoing and youtubing for us, we would be lost without you. (Disclaimer: not the most interesting interview in the whole world. No Geraldo’s Nose v. The Chair moment or anything. We offer this to you as a curiosity. However, for some interesting facts Monica & I learned about teevee, see the postscript).
  • We got us a new DJ! K-mac (Sockpuppet Soundsystem)! That in addition to poolboy (4handed), who has taken it upon himself to don the mantle of SwapSF DJ broker.
  • Screenprinting’s gonna kick ass! Conveniently! Shop will be set up in the downstairs- I suppose you’d call it the foyer?- rather than upstairs, meaning that it’ll require a lot less investigative work for you to get designs put on your clothes.
  • Now, with 64% more smug! Our friends at VegRev are letting us use their converted waste vegetable oil-powered cars to transport clothing to charities after the event!
  • Volunteer shifts are full! Thank you to everyone who applied. If you’d like to volunteer for a future event, hold off for a minute and let us catch up- we’ll be announcing the next book swap soon.

That’ll do it for now. Start getting your clothes together (and maybe even washing and folding them?) and getting your liver and your bootie ready for drinking and wiggling (respectively).